Hello! I’m Lorraine Robles, thank you for stopping by and being part of my community.

My husband and I live in Fort Worth, Texas with our three kids. Born and raised in Southern California, we made the difficult decision to move to Texas in 2010, offering our children better educational opportunities and quality of life.

Back in 1996, I started working for a small Medical Transcription company. Starting at the bottom, I worked hard, focused and learned as much as I could which opened the doors to life-changing opportunities. Years later the mom and pop shop turned into one of the largest Medical Transcription companies in the world.

With each hat I wore, I found myself training and teaching supervisors, new employees and/or enhancing their skill level. My managerial position eventually became virtual. After working in an office environment for so many years and having hospital clients and employees in 4 different time zones, I had to self-teach discipline, project & time management. I have to say luckily it became second nature to me once I got my routine down and truly enjoyed working from a home office and still do. 

After 12 amazing years with the company, unfortunately, there was a reduction in force and you know what that means.    Having small children and living in a state with no family I was determined to find something I can do at home.

There wasn’t as many “at home” opportunities as there is now.  I turned my attention to e-Commerce, dropshipping, social media and creating websites. It was a whole new ballgame for me to say the least. As challenging and scary as it was, I kept a positive attitude along with a positive vision and decided to go into business for myself. With the support of my husband, I have no regrets and extremely thankful for every learning obstacle that comes my way, as experiencing the good and the bad is what has made me today and that’s priceless in my book.

I continued to wear the “training/skill enhancement/project management” hat, assisting other businesses and their virtual team members. One day I put my thinking cap on as I wanted more…helping other small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals meet their ultimate goals on a different level. It’s not about training but bringing out the best in people and all they already know.

Being a manager or business owner doesn’t come with a manual. Some need that extra support and guidance to bring everything together, move forward and reach their highest. Self-coaching is a big part of being a successful coach to others. Coaching has helped tremendously in both my personal and career and I look forward to seeing what life continues to bring.

A little more about me…

I have a passion for cooking, the kitchen is my happy place.

I’m a Green Tea drinker who has recently fallen in love with London Fog Earl Grey Tea with Lavender

I can watch The Godfather movies over and over again

I watch scary movies with my eyes closed

I’m the eldest of 3

I don’t like going to the mall but enjoy a trip to the grocery store

I never stop learning, it keeps my brain active 

I’m afraid of heights (mind over matter is out the door when it comes to this)

I prefer the winter months rather than the hot Texas summer

I’m left-handed (when I was a little one my grandma tried to make me write with my right hand, thinking being left handed was a bad thing) I’m proud of being a lefty!

Every morning, I ask myself “How I’m I going to Conquer the day”