FREE 45-min Session

This complimentary session will be used to introduce ourselves. We will discuss your wants, obstacles, expectations, and goals.

Prior to our first session, you'll be sent the following:

“10 Goals to reach in the next 90 days”

“Adrenaline Self-Test”

“Coachability Index” 

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 8 Weeks $500.00 2 payments of $250.00

12 Weeks $725.00 3 payments of $241.66

16 Weeks $950.00 4 payments of $237.50

Each Session will be 50-minutes

The first payment will be due prior to 1st call then every 4 weeks after. A 10% discount will be applied when paid in full for multiple week sessions.

Invoices will be sent to coachee. Payments can be made via Paypal or major credit card.

À la carte

One time 90 min session one payment of $85

Invoice will be sent to coachee. Payment can be made via Paypal or major credit card.


Additional Info

The complimentary session will be via webcam. It's important for the coach and potential coachee to have the first discussion face-to-face. This will help build our partnership. From there the Coachee can decide if they prefer webcam or just audio for future sessions.  Google Meet will be used for all sessions. 


Are you ready?

I hope you're excited as I am...let's get started on your journey to positive achievement!