It’s extremely important you find the type of “Coaching” method and “Coach” that best fits you. Being comfortable with your potential coach is a must in order to develop a partnership that will be required to achieve your ultimate goals. For this reason, I offer a Complimentary session to discuss what You want out of Coaching which will also give us an opportunity to get to know each other before you decide to move forward with the commitment of being a coachee.

When I started learning about  “Solution Focused” coaching and “Mindfulness” it got my full attention and curiosity.  It was such an “Aha moment” that I immediately started to self-coach in which I continue to do so on a daily basis. 

With Solution Focused coaching, the coachee will be empowered to expand and deepen their thinking, active listening skills and use powerful communication. The coachee will realize how to remove barriers and mental blocks in order to achieve and receive complete satisfaction and fulfillment.

You’ll discover how to maximize your own thoughts, ideas and utilize a healthy mindset to reach full potential.

Every coachee/client is different, no two have walked in the same shoes. Individual sessions will be customized based on your own wants, obstacles and positive future goals. There will never be any type of negative judgments in our coaching sessions as there will always be a high level of respect between coach and coachee.

Accountability and self- discipline from the coachee is critical, there’s no way around it if you want to be successful in what matters the most to you. As a coach, I hold each coachee accountable for their actions or lack of. I don’t sugar coat nor let a situation stir in the wrong direction. My job is to keep you focused on the big picture so you don’t break promises to yourself.

In order to fully create and sustain a healthy mindset, reach peak happiness and performance, learning exercises and techniques must be used in your daily activity not just during “coaching time.”

This part is extremely important in personal development and transformation. Therefore, I strongly encourage the client to take a few minutes daily and journal any new progress, achievements, struggles or questions that may arise. 

I have your best interest and want you to succeed and grow as a person. I offer my full support and guidance as life doesn’t happen only during “coaching time.” The more communication between coach and coachee the better, as it’s key to achieving your goals.