Strengthen your Mindset by Combining Brain Functions

Is it possible to enter the right mindset in order to maintain excellent decision-making abilities, resilience, keen focus, and enthusiasm towards professional goals? We so often hear success stories from the most high-performing, top-producing business professionals who claim that their achievements have everything to do with their state of mind, how they perceive themselves in their environment, and the way that they are able to pursue their vision despite any fears and with maximum confidence and belief in themselves.

The challenging part is tapping into that frame of thinking and of processing your actions and your environment, but once you do, you will have unlocked a skill set that can take you as far as you can envision in your business and professional achievements.

There is a theory that explains that when we apply the right combination of the three unique functions of our brains, we can perform and achieve to our utmost potential and even surpass what we ever thought possible for ourselves, both personally and professionally.

The Reptilian, Cerebral, & Emotional Brain

The reptilian or ‘primal brain,’ controls our most basic and primitive functions; the functions that we need to survive, such as protecting ourselves from perceived danger. When it comes to our professional performance, this part of the brain helps us to be vigilant of the unknown (or of viable risk or danger) and respond accordingly.

The cerebral brain represents the ‘logic and reason’ functioning of the mind, where our actions and decisions are filtered in a sense and are less reactive or primitive. This part of the brain is critical in business, as it is what allows us to apply knowledge, analyze options, and engage in problem-solving.

The emotional brain consists of how we apply feeling and emotion to our daily lives, decisions, and interactions with others. This part of the brain can function in a somewhat unpredictable manner, as emotions and feelings can be fleeting at times or vary depending on our experiences or on a particular situation. On the same token, this part of the brain allows us to be able to work alongside others in business and achieve both collective and personal goals.

The ‘Brains’ in Unison

As you can see, there is no single part of the brain that can function independently or at least successfully function independently, especially in the business and professional sector (and, arguably, in our personal lives as well). We must understand and apply the combination, the formula, where each function compliments (and compensates for) the other.

Professional performance and goal attainment require equal parts alertness and savvy, logic and applied reasoning, feeling, and emotion. One must not take over the other if we want to reach the success of a high performing professional, but how do we achieve this optimal mindset balance?

Many successful business people will describe that in order to engage all three areas of neurological functioning, one must achieve a greater connection with the “selves”: Self-awareness, self-control, and self-esteem. This connection with our “self” is what will allow us to engage the strengths of each separate area and develop the skills and execute the actions that we need to take us to our envisioned goals.

*Learn how you can keep the emotional part of your brain healthy, see my blog post here.

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