Get out of the Self-Doubt Funk

Occasionally you’ll hear a little voice giving you a reason of self-doubt. Don’t listen to it, shut it down immediately! Don’t allow negative self-talk to get in your way of peak performance, success and happiness. If you decide to not shut it down, the voice will get louder and louder and soon you’ll believe it. 

The lack of confidence with-in can turn into self-doubt which can turn into fear, it’s just a vicious cycle. Fear will hold you back in life, business, sports, relationships…etc.

To get ahead, we can’t play it safe all the time. We must try to get out of our comfort zone and prove to ourselves we are worth more and capable of reaching a higher level of achievement.

When you’re in a situation and hear that negativity, switch to positive self-talk such as:

*I can do this

*I will do this

*I’m worth it

*I’m better than that

*I’m better than you

*I got this

Go after what you want, keep your focus on the positive outcome to help you get out of the self-doubt funk.

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