How Speaking Out of Emotion Can be Harmful

Before verbalizing a comment, a statement, showing a reaction or posting on social media do you stop and ask yourself how your words can affect others? Or will such words come back and bite you “in the you know what” down the road (as this happens too many, just turn on the news)? Are you a “speak now and apologize later” type of person?

Because we are quick to speak based on the current state of emotion, it’s easy to express something that may be harmful to self or others without even thinking twice. Ask yourself, “Will my words change the outcome?” “Will my words make the situation better or worse?” “Should I cool off before responding?”

How and what we say will not only affect our spirit but also the people and love ones around us.

When we speak out of emotion, it’s our Limbic system (emotional brain) reacting. It understands black and white, no other shades. Therefore, one must hold a strong enough mindset to be aware and cautions before reacting.

You deserve to take the time to analyze your thoughts. We all have the God-given free will to speak our minds, however, you also have strength and courage, enough to control anything that may be harmful and lead to a toxic situation. Find this exercise as an opportunity to be the bigger better person, a sign of personal growth and maturity.

It’s your Choice!


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