How to be a Powerful Champion with Mental Training

As an adult, it’s difficult to control our emotions and mindset. Think about how hard it must be for athletic teens or young adults, who play a sport they enjoy, appreciate, and passionate for, handle themselves in stressful situations. Such as going up against the number one competitor, striking out multiple times, missing the winning goal or fumbling the ball. Not to mention all the crazy hormonal changes they are enduring. How can such chaos be controlled, how can the mind think clearly when there’s so much going on in there?

My older son, who plays club baseball, faced an emotional struggle in a few of his games which decreased his performance. I noticed how it was eating him up and couldn’t shake it off. As a parent, we always want to protect our children from any harmful feelings, no matter how old they may be. I knew his frustration wasn’t something I could take away; however, I found it as an opportunity for me to coach him on how he can control his emotions, no matter the situation, by practicing Mental Edge techniques with him on a consistent basis.

By having such advantage, one can reach full potential in their overall performance. To have a healthy and positive mindset, one must learn how to control their attitude, focus, learn how to channel energy, control the internal critic we all have and don’t allow distractions to take you off the path.

The attitude you express is the choice you make, bad or good, it’s a choice.  Our attitude is the essential aspect that will determine if we take back control and move forward or do we make no effort at all. If one chooses a negative, poor attitude, it will work against them and hold them back from peak performance. Attitudes trigger emotions, emotions influence overall performance.

The level of concentration will reflect overall focus ability. What you choose to focus on will have an enormous impact on the results one wants to produce. Immense focus leads to a high level of performance. 

Direct the energy on which steps can be made to move forward, allowing opportunities. Shut off the little voice that may create doubt in the mind.

Having a strong mental edge over the opponent will always make you the Champion. Ask yourself; is mental training just as important as technique, for young aspiring athletes?

How great would it feel for Mind, Body, and Technique to become one! Performance and Mental Training Coaching can help our younger generation be physically and mentally healthy and prepare them for what life brings.

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