How to Manage your Energy and Time Permanently

 Over the past 20+ years, I have tried different approaches on how I can better manage my energy both in my career and personal life. Regardless if you’re a CEO or a parent who is juggling work, home and kids it can feel like a battle every day.

Our to-do-list is never ending and continues to grow at the speed of light, especially when we live a world of advanced technology at our fingertips 24/7. When you wake up, what’s the first thing that pops into your head…that dreadful list of things just waiting for you? How about when you’re trying to get a decent night’s sleep…are you thinking about all the tasks, appointments and projects you weren’t able to get to?

When I started to learn and practice Mindfulness a couple of years back, I decided to look at how I use my energy/time in a different way, implementing Mindful techniques. When you first focus on the Why and the Trigger that’s keeping you from being productive, you give yourself an advantage of what needs to be done to get you in the right state of mind and back in control of your day(s).

I’ve always been an organized person, being able to keep up with my projects but when you have kids who have a busy schedule of their own and trying to grow your business, a different approach may be necessary. Keep in mind, what worked 3 months ago, may not work today. You must manage and adjust your efforts according to what makes sense and what works.

When things get hectic and a little chaotic, it’s very easy to feel unproductive, overwhelmed, have a poor attitude, notice your performance slipping, procrastinate often, easily distracted and simply out of control. Those emotions will not allow you to focus on what’s important and what requires your full attention.

Managing your day effectively and feeling accomplished is a breath of fresh air and a load off your shoulders. You’ll get better sleep, you’ll be a better person to yourself and others. You’ll manage your workload in a positive way instead of with a headache. Often, we don’t realize how much of an impact the way we administer our time can greatly affect everything and everyone around us.

It gives me great joy to help others overcome the struggle with energy and time management. Witnessing “Aha moments” and reduced stress level is priceless and reminds me of the reason why I do what I do and love it!

If you’re ready for a change in your life that will make a permanent positive impact, let’s schedule your first session.

Below is an audio file of my own personal experience.

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