Time Management Tips That Can Set You Free

It seems not having enough time in a day continues to be an issue for many. If you’re struggling with time management, I’m happy to say time can be on your side! Perhaps you don’t need more hours but an awaking of how to best use your available hours. Give this some thought…what are some ways to create more time for yourself?

Time is money and time is precious. Changing your frame of thought on how you apply your time can help complete your to-do list and reduce the amount of stress you may carry due to incomplete tasks.

When trying to fall asleep, is your mind not shutting off because you’re thinking of all the items you didn’t get to or make any progress on? As a human being, we need a good, solid night’s sleep to function at a healthy level and be ready for what life will bring the next day. The last thing you need is to have unfinished business affect your well-being.

To manage time better, one must first identify where their time is going.  That means taking a close look at how many minutes or hours is spent on something specifically each day. This exercise can be painful once you look at a weeks’ worth of data and realize you’re spending hours of non-productive time surfing the net.

I’ve included an excel worksheet below, a time management tool that can help capture and calculate how many minutes and hours you spend on a particular item, daily and weekly.

Before getting started, it’s critical that you’re 100% committed and won’t cheat yourself. Be curious about the outcome and how this simple yet beneficial worksheet can assist in reallocating your time. How you can give more attention to tasks that are a higher priority, have a deadline or are more meaningful to you. Imagine being able to check off those items that have been weighing you down or is a victim of your procrastination, how will that make you feel!

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24hr Activity Log

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