Tone of Voice, Is Yours Shutting People Down

In any situation where you’re trying to help, teach, train or even coach someone, the tone of voice can either make or break the conversation. I always say, speak how you want to be spoken to. You don’t want the other person to shut down and not “hear” you because how you came across.

Picture how much more you can accomplish and be understood with a smile attached to your tone. I’m not talking about a fake happy-go-lucky voice but a calm, relaxed and sincere tone when you’re assisting someone.

For some, you may not realize you’re coming off a bit harsh or perhaps you naturally have a stern, strong tone of voice. In this case, you may want to practice a little. There’s nothing wrong with you recording your voice on your phone or such, say two sentences as you would if assisting a person. Then carefully listen to yourself. How would you rate your tone? Be honest with yourself, you will not get to where you want to be unless you make the proper adjustments. If you prefer, practice with a friend or family member and get their input.



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