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Entering the workforce is an entirely new adventure that most of us are not completely ready for. Soft skills are not taught nor discussed in College at the extent they need to be. In today's world, we are facing a decline of leaders who can truly lead with empathy, values, communicate effectively and help others grow to be their absolute best, including themselves.

As more responsibilities are added to your plate, it's vital to know how to manage your energy and time in a productive and healthy way. Many allow themselves to dig their own hole deeper and deeper, year after year until they don't know how to climb out. Bad habits are difficult to acknowledge and break but they're even harder when you allow them to dictate your world for a long period of time.

The choice to be proactive and investing in yourself on how to lead and manage your time & energy will set you apart from the competition, not to mention you'll understand how to deal with difficult and stressful conditions. Dealing with people and their emotions can be intimidating and overwhelming for a leader at any level. Learning how to be Mindful in those types of "real life" situations will go a long way for you no matter which industry you're working in.

I want to help you be prepared for your next chapter in life so you can focus and excel in what you do best. Don't be reactive, get ahead of the game Now!

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Energy/Time Management and Leadership

16-week course, one coaching session per week

Sessions may include the following topics, can also be customized to fit your needs:

  • Start with the end in mind. Leading based on core values
  • The power of listening, don't just hear
  • Distraction control / maintain focus
  • Dealing with conflict
  • How multitasking can hurt you
  • Confidence setbacks / learn from mistakes
  • Attitude temperature check
  • Dealing with difficult people/conversations
  • The difference between leading and managing
  • Negative self-talk
  • Identify what's meaningful and most important
  • Identify what has a positive effect on your bottom line or main objective
  • Don't allow emails and meetings to dictate your day
  • How keeping a journal can enhance your productivity
  • Why and how to prioritize your day in advance
  • Which type of calendars or organizational tools (if any) are you using

Worksheets: Weekly Energy Log (we will work on this together)

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Productivity for Procrastinators (10 short videos)

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A 44-page e-book of how to Enhance Your Energy

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Cost- 16 weeks, 16 sessions

1 payment in full $2,700

2 payments of $1,350

4 payments of $700 ($2,800)

The first payment will be due prior to the 1st paid session.

Invoices will be sent to the client via email where major credit cards are safely accepted via PayPal.