How To Be In Control In The Dentist Chair

Having the right mindset can set you free and help conquer any challenge you may be facing.  For example, if you’re like me you hold off as long as you can before calling and scheduling that necessary dentist appointment. Although I routinely go every 6 months, which come around way too fast, I have to mentally prepare myself as if it’s the first time seeing a dentist and expecting the worse. Being aware that I needed a couple of fillings re-done didn’t help the nerves.

What normally happens as soon as I add the undesirable event to my calendar, my stomach turns and I try to think of every reason in the book on why I should cancel.  Recalling the unpleasant past experiences in the dental chair gives me anxiety until the day of.

This time around I made a vow to myself that I was going to handle things differently. I would take charge and focus on the positives, see the big picture.  No more wasting time and energy on the negatives; I will embrace this challenge and change my mindset.

Instead of repeating to myself “I hate the dentist, I don’t want to go” (mind you, Hate is not a word I use loosely) “It’s going to be painful” and “Maybe my fillings can wait a bit longer.” I reminded myself how the dentist office is decorated perfectly with calming colors, they have not one but two flat screen TV’s in each room so I can watch HGTV, I have the BEST doctor I have ever had and I’m finally going to enjoy a nice piece of steak from Del Frisco’s without any discomfort!

I understood I had to change my mindset in order to get through this ordeal. Repeating the lists of positives that I was going to experience, turned off the negative vibes. The past is the past and I was ready to move forward. The mind is so powerful; however, with daily focus and practice, one can overcome any obstacle.

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