Top 3 Ways How to Build Confidence Prior to an Interview

You worked hard to put together a stellar resume. And now you have an interview for a job that could change your life. There is no denying how important this moment is for you. But there is just one problem: You are anxious about how to blow your prospective employer away.

You are not alone, and what you are feeling is completely normal. Below are three tips to help you build your confidence, overcome your nerves, and perform on point in your interview.

P and P

One good method to boost your confidence is to plan and prepare. There are many things to consider when planning and preparing for an interview, like the following:

  •        Drive to the location of your interview ahead of time so that you know where it is and can avoid being late. If you cannot do this, then figure out multiple ways of getting there, and be sure to know where to park.
  •        Do your research on the company.
  •        Write down answers to questions you anticipate, and rehearse your answers, even if it is just the key points.
  •        Create a cheat sheet of things that you want to highlight in your interview so that it is in front of you to glance at as you take notes.
  • ·       Lay out your clothes the night before so that you start to get into the right mindset. And be sure to get great sleep!

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See the Forest Through the Trees

In all of this preparation and planning, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and stay in the right mindset. Instead of worrying about every little detail come interview day, focus on staying calm and on the big picture. Below are some things to keep in mind as your interview nears:

  •        You are interviewing them to see if they are a good fit for you, too. You are making a choice at the end of this process, and this is not your only opportunity.
  •        You are prepared and will dominate your interview.
  •        Your eggs are not all in one basket. Your skill set allows you to seek multiple opportunities.
  •        This interview is not a critique of you as a person. No matter what happens, you are still awesome!

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Proper Practice with Maximum Effort Equals Results

Work out any kinks in your presentation and hone in on potential answers by using a mirror, practicing on the treadmill, asking a friend to be the interviewer, or recording yourself on video. Doing these things will build your confidence, and come interview time, you will be able to slow down and come across as professional and polished. In addition, be sure to practice your eye contact, handshake, and body language.

Yes, interviews are nerve-racking. But if you practice the tips mentioned in this article, you will gain the necessary confidence before even setting foot in the interview room. Congratulations on your interview. Now, get to work!

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