Good Thinking Equals Good Choices

Your thoughts affect overall physical and mental health. Did you know our thoughts are expressed through our reactions? Research shows poor thinking wears down our brain and changes our wiring in an unhealthy, negative way. Do you catch yourself feeling anxious or nervous frequently? The good news is we have the power and the choice to turn things around. Learn how to detox all those stressful, toxic thoughts and patterns that are holding your true self, hostage.


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Bad Thoughts Equal Bad Choices

Turn negative thoughts into healthy ones, for example: A bad habit, a feeling of rejection or hurt that you can’t get over, a struggle to find forgiveness with-in, it’s difficult to “let things go” that are not in your control but consuming your energy, you have self-doubt, or you focus on the problem instead of the solution…just to name a few.

Creating positive thoughts will change your brain on every level. Which will give you the opportunity to view things in a new, positive, healthy way in your personal or business life.

Start renewing your thoughts for long-lasting, life-changing results.

Personal Transformational Thinking with FREE Initial Session

We will discuss the toxic thought you wish to overcome, discover the true challenges you face deep inside and the effects of the unhealthy thought. Learn how toxic thinking is physically hurting you and how to turn that around. Sessions will be customized based on your challenges and goals.

This is a 4-week course, two 1 on 1 coaching sessions per week.

A total of 8 sessions. Each session will be 55 minutes 

Flexible session schedule available

In-between session journal updates 

FREE 45-min Check-up Session, 2 weeks after completion 

FREE Initial 45-min Session

The complimentary session will be an introduction, to make sure we are a good match.

We will discuss your wants, obstacles, expectations, and goals.

Cost- 4 weeks, 8 sessions $450 or 2 payments of $225

The first payment will be due prior to 1st call then 2 weeks after.

10% discount when paid in full upfront.

Invoices will be sent to client via email.

Payments can be made via Paypal system, where major credit cards are safely accepted.

** 8 weeks, 8 sessions are also available


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