Why You Need To Have Accountability In Your Life

Accountability, a love & hate dilemma that must be discussed. Holding yourself and others accountable is an important step in managing and overall business or personal success.

From a managerial point of view, accountability can be an uncomfortable and ugly topic but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not about babysitting or looking over someone’s shoulder every minute of the day. 

It’s the willingness, responsibility and taking ownership of one’s actions. It’s part of good business and should be viewed as a must.

The lack of accountability can have a huge impact on the overall goal which can cost you money or worse, your business reputation.

What will happen to your business if your employees are consistently showing up to work late? Or how about taking longer lunch breaks than they’re supposed to and you, as the manager or business owner does nothing, meaning not holding your staff accountable.

Visualize that concept for a minute or two. How would that make you feel? Would that cause you more stress? Would that make your job harder?  What good will come out of not having accountability in place?

If accountability is difficult for you, ask yourself; on, a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being efficient in accountability) where do you honestly stand at this current moment on holding yourself or others accountable?

Now let’s dig deeper. On the same paper, list the reasons why you resist holding yourself or others accountable. Closely review each one with true curiosity, go deep in your thoughts and feelings on why that item(s) is on your list.

Do you hold a past negative experience which is keeping you from utilizing accountability efforts? Perhaps you find yourself personally too close to your staff and don’t want to jeopardize the friendship. Maybe you were never held accountable so you don’t know how to?

Write down what you need to do to move up on the scale. Don’t cheat yourself; take some time to think about it. What steps, (even if it’s just a baby step) can get you closer to that 5!

List the actions and time frame you’re willing to take to overcome all that’s holding you back.

Remember, you’re in control of the final outcome so whatever the task may be, own it! Free yourself from struggle and choose a flow of ease!

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