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This complimentary session will be used to introduce ourselves, make sure we are a good match. We'll discuss your wants, challenges, habits, expectations, and goals.

Prior to our first session, you'll be sent a Zoom meeting link.

This session is via webcam and audio.

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How I can help YOU

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When I decided to extend my knowledge and experience to others, truly wanting to help people, without a doubt my heart said to focus on Mindful topics where I can make a difference in someone's life. These specific roles are very critical, as the way we handle and express ourselves can affect others. Being Mindful in our daily actions can not only help ourselves but our future generations.

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À la carte

90 min session one payment of $150

This time will be used to discuss what's currently on your mindset, the challenge you are facing and what you want to accomplish, short-term.

An invoice will be sent to coachee via email, payment in full is required prior to the session. Payments can be made via Paypal system, where major credit cards are safely accepted.

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Additional Info

The complimentary session will be via Zoom (webcam and audio) You can download Zoom here. It's important for the coach and potential coachee to have the first discussion face-to-face. This will help build our partnership. From there the Coachee can decide if they prefer video conference or just audio for future sessions, whichever makes you more comfortable.

In order to fully create and sustain a healthy mindset, reach peak happiness and performance, learning exercises and techniques must be used in your daily activity not just during “coaching time.”

This part is extremely important in personal development and Mindful transformation. Therefore, I strongly encourage the client to take a few minutes daily and journal any new progress, achievements, struggles or questions that may arise.

I have your best interest and want you to succeed and grow as a person. I offer my full support and guidance as life doesn’t happen only during “coaching time.” The more communication between coach and coachee the better, as it’s key to achieving your goals.

Are you ready to start this Journey?

Emotions, distractions, and feelings can take over and get in the way of reaching full performance potential in school, work, family, in general. Learn how you can overcome mental, stressful challenges with simple techniques. Remember, we control our mind, not the other way around.

Take control of undesired emotions, stay focused, motivated and goal orientated no matter the circumstances. Balance and direct your energy to work with you not against you. Notice and seek opportunities regardless of the outcome.

Invest in yourself. You're in Control!

Let's get started on your journey to a positive and healthy Mindset for true happiness, balance, and success in all that is meaningful to you!